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Long-term care is expensive and costs are continually rising.  Did you know that a nursing home can cost as much as $8000 a month?  With costs continuing to escalate and people living longer, long-term care planning is no longer a luxury, it is a crucial necessity.  Foxhall Legal helps seniors and their families plan for long-term care costs.  Attorney Zachary Derr is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs and a Certified Medicaid Planner.  Foxhall Legal is committed to providing the highest quality and efficient legal services. We offer our clients personal attention, straightforward billing and frequent updates.

Foxhall Legal helps clients plan for long-term care.  We focus on the following areas to help our clients out-fox the costs long-term care:


  • Veterans who have served our country during a time of war and their surviving spouses are eligible to receive a reimbursement for in-home care and assisted living costs;


  • Medicaid will pay the cost of nursing home care.  The application, approval and appeals process is extremely complicated and takes preparation and planning;


  • Hard-working Americans who have had to stop working due to illness or injury may be eligible for disability benefits to provide for their families;


Long-term care planning requires updating and adjusting estate plans.  We also help clients of all ages with estate planning.

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