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We will work around your needs and your preferences.  If you would like to come into our office and have a traditional attorney consultation, we will make that happen.  We regularly meet with clients at their homes and workplaces.  We will respond to your calls, emails and text messages.  If you would like to come in and go over your documents before we sign them, we can do that.  We also set up virtual meetings to discuss drafts by video conference on lunch breaks.  We will make this work for you. 

Major life changes can affect your estate plan.  Things like buying a home, having a child or moving to a different state are things that often get people to put together an estate plan or update an old one.  If you have a will from 2003 that was written when your children were young and you were living in another house, come in and see us and we can get it updated.  We regularly help clients with amendments and updates.

There are statutory formalities to signing an estate plan.  Most states require a notary and witnesses.  As part of what you pay us in a flat fee, we will make sure that the documents are properly signed and your trust is funded.  We have done signings at clients’ homes, their offices, in hospitals and even outside during the worst parts of the COVID pandemic.  We are willing to get creative to make sure the signing is done right and in a way that works for you.

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Tricia E.

We had such a positive experience with Zach Derr. He helped us write our Will and Trust.
He explained everything to us in a way that was understandable, and he prepared everything in such a timely manner.

We signed everything during the summer in the middle of the pandemic; he came to our home all masked up and we signed all of the documents outside with our witnesses. He provided prepaid postage with documents that needed to be signed and mailed back to him.
Zach was so professional and accommodating.
Everything was mailed back to us in a nice, very organized binder.

We we so impressed with Foxhall Legal. I trust really trust Zach and will call on him in the future..

Rena S.

Zach assisted me in helping my Dad receive a VA pension, setting up a family trust for my parents, and establishing a will for my husband and myself. My parents have passed away, and Zach has responded quickly to my inquiries regarding my duty as trustee and executor for the estate. I highly recommend Zach for assistance with both simple and complex matters.

Jan S.

Zach Derr helped us to get our parents estate and trust updated , paving the way for Veteran’s Benefits as well as giving them peace of mind.
My husband and I employed his services for our own estate and trust planning; he is thorough, easy to work with, responsive and knowledgeable . We have continued to work with him as updates and needs arise. Five stars!


We take pride in answering questions and explaining complex legal concepts in plain English.  Here are some examples of common questions, but if you have other questions, please reach out and set up a consultation.

How long will it take?

If you are leaving on a trip or going in for surgery, we can arrange a quick turnaround.  Most estate plans take 2-3 weeks from our first meeting to when we get the documents signed.

How much will it cost?

We work on a flat fee that includes everything.  That way you know from the beginning what it will cost and do not get surprised by a bill at the end.  Things like your assets and the complexity of your situation may affect the price.

If I die without a will does the government get everything?

That is a common question and things like the death tax and probate are scary prospects for people.  You probably will not have to pay a death tax and we will explain to you when you would need to go through probate.  We will help you avoid death taxes and probate. 

What is the difference between a living trust, a will and a living will?

We are not sure who came up with the names for all of these documents, but they did a good job of making it confusing.  We will break down the difference between a living trust, a will, a power of attorney and a health care directive (living will).  These will probably all be documents you get with your estate plan and you will know how each of these can help you.

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